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NFT: Genesis Schemata

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NFT: Genesis Schemata

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NFT: Genesis Schemata

Interactive Onchain Abstract Matrix CNFT on the Cardano network. In collaboration with developer & Onchain Guru TurboEgon, Abstraction Series GENESIS SCHEMATA explores endless possible combinations of simple geometric patterns through the systematic intersection of rectangular planes.

Date: 22.02.22
Time: 11 AM AEDT
Total supply: 10,108
Available supply: 9,999
Cost: 54 ADA (max. 3 per transaction)

How it works: Each tile holds 18 variations of the schemata geometries. Using a touch screen interface or an input device, players can arrange the 3 x 3 tiles into any one of the quadrillion patterns possible. Minting of single matrix patterns will become available through an interactive Minting dApp (coming soon)

Policy ID: 68ba2bbf48b391427893cdb05a128761b77a5a99325a3618997bb8e9


+ Roadmap

Each Stage of 2022 we will do the following:


Website Launch 22.02.22

Online purchase of the Abstraction Series Box Set of 9 Canvases

Genesis Schemata CNFT Drop


Web 3.0 Abstraction Series Interactive Minting dApp

Abstraction Series Collector and Maker online Gallery

Abstractive Encoding R&D


Abstraction Series 2 – Colour Field

Airdrops, Collab NFT’s, Online events, and NFT Merch


Abstraction Series 3 – Synesthesia

Educational Resources

Professional Learning Workshops for educators and artists

Curriculum programs for K-12

The roadmap is a proposed timeline and may alter organically as the project evolves.

+ Interactive

As part of our interactive development – additional physical and digital materials, exercises, models, and resources will become available. These resources help the collector and maker explore more constructive and cognitive activities and applications for engaging in abstraction.

Abstraction imagines a mix of elements and structures such as that which forms the artisanal craft of making or painting ‘abstract art’. As a form of art, abstraction combines the notion of visual aesthetics, modernist forms, geometric structures, colour theory, textual design, vedic theory, mathematics, code, digital development, composition, minimalism, and poetic forms.

Box sets / Painting materials & activities

Onchain interactive models / NFTs

Net powered digital geometric abstractions

Colourfield applications / 3D & Augmented models


Non-Fungible Tokens are a new digital asset class and provide a verifiable method of authenticating a genesis artwork and or series of images. We acknowledge that there are issues and concerns with NFTs in general. However, the benefits provided by Web 3.0 and blockchain technology can't be overlooked as a way for creators to navigate the cross-over and amalgamation of digital and physical art worlds. This is a new audience, a new form of distribution, and a new economy, one where artists themselves are able to have agency in their creative control and direct financial control.

ABSTRACTION SERIES 1: BOX LOGO NFT (500) with utility... 

Each Abstraction Series 1 Box comes with a claimable Box Logo NFT. The Abstraction Series 1: Box Logo NFT will retain special significance as both a collectible and a token invested with utility. The initial utility will be a presale mint pass for future Abstraction Series: Schemata NFTs. 


9,999 edition -  Interactive Abstract Matrix CNFT’s on Cardano. In collaboration with developer TurboEgon, creator of Stellahood & Unsig Nervous Combinator, Abstraction Series 1: GENESIS SCHEMATA Explores endless possible combinations of quintessential geometric patterns using the schematic system of intersecting rectangular planes. Each tile holds 18 variations of the schemata geometries. Using a touch screen interface or an input device, players can arrange the tiles into any one of the quadrillion patterns available.


How many GENESIS SCHEMATA collectibles are there?

Total supply will be 10,108.

9,999 will be available for mint by the public. 109 will be minted for the team, giveaways and treasury.

What is the minting price?


Are there royalties?

6% will return to the project.

Why are there royalties?

For the future growth and longevity of the project. Royalties are a way to ensure creators and developers are incentivised to continue making and working in the space.

What are the compatible wallets?

Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami and CCVault.

Can I buy directly from my exchange?

Never send funds directly from an exchange. Always use a Cardano wallet.

What happens if I send the wrong amount?

NFT maker pro will send the balance back if it isn't the correct amount minus dust.

+ Tokenomics

Genesis Schemata NFT


Interactive abstract matrix


Verified holder status benefits (discord, website, presale, airdrops, giveaways, and special events)

Interactive control panel access and mint pass

Smart contract integration, staking and other onchain metrics

Interactive control panel

Holder status

Genesis NFT is the beginning point for the evolution of the abstraction series project. Join us as we journey into future interactions with abstraction and digital technology.

Collection interactions

Collection interactions will become a more regular feature through the play and development of the genesis schemata the interactive control panel and future CNFT editions.


Rarities will emerge through community interaction and investigations of the genesis schemata and future NFT editions

Interactive Features

Selection of schematic & geometric patterns

Control panels for colour, effects (S2) & integration of sound (S3)to play and mint with your Genesis Schemata NFT (S1)

Burn, claim and stake metrics to enable smart contract interactions. Adding depth to the collections diversity and game theory

Artworks and products

Real-world artworks and products

We are working diligently on the process of onboarding artists and creators into the ecosystem. We share an ethos based on the authentication of artists' work that supports digital verification of artists & collectors ownership.