Abstraction series is designed in Australia with inspiration from the daily practice of painting & abstract art. We aim to give users a unique hands on experience and entry point into the practice of minimal and abstract painting & design.

+ Mission

Develop playful interactions with technology and art 

We see the intersection of human endeavor and technology as an important frontier in the evolution of society, culture, and self-awareness. Play is the cornerstone of a world that is full of wonder, self-expression, and agency. We want to push the boundaries of onchain art, digital interfaces, and virtual worlds through the creative process and design thinking. 

Create a platform for artists, designers, and thinkers to engage in and navigate the digital frontier

We want to build a platform for traditional artists and a new generation of creators to be able to make with confidence and trust. Onboarding artists and students into the space of digital assets and markets is key in maintaining and growing an ecosystem that is egalitarian, open-minded, and decentralized. Our philosophy is “more the merrier”, this is an opportunity to democratize economic freedom and control for creatives working in diverse contexts around the world. 

Provide education and models of best practice in the implementation of innovation in art and technology 

We want to do our bit in ensuring that the future of work and the transition to a digital economy (through WEB 3.0) will be something we are willing to participate in. This will require the effort of individuals, organisations, and programs that are not connected to big business and government if we hope to exist with creative control and self-determination. We want to create and deliver programs that foster learning, not just about the technology itself, but questions and challenges the way we use it.

+ Team

Concept Design & Creation
Jesse Hogan & Linton Chapman

Painting Lab / Screen Printing + Material tech
Lab Team, Neil Wood, David Mankey, Shiva Chapman

Web Design
Samson Ossedryver

Web Development
Nicole Ho

NFT + Algorithmic Code
Turbo Egon


Can Abstraction box be collected but not painted? 

Yes! The Abstraction box can be purchased as a collectable object and left unopened and untouched. Collectors who do not wish to paint their set in colour are encouraged to display the set in the original form as blank white canvases with black lines. 

Does the Box come with Paint and Brushes?

Currently the box sets do not come with paints and brushes. Collectors and makers can use any type of paint or brushes of their choice. 

We will add additional content with an art supplies buyers guide and painting instructions

How is the box shipped?

In most cases the box will be sent domestically using Australia Post services or Pack & Send Deliveries. The box is packed in protective wrapping and placed in extra-large postal bags to protect the collectors box from damage in Transit. 

Is the box available at selected retailers? 

Yes! The Abstraction Series products will become available at a variety of retailers including selected Art Museum and Gallery Gift shops. 

+ Contact

Additional inquiries, updates & information

+ Disclaimer

Each box set has been individually hand screen printed and packed by the abstraction series artists and is therefore subject to slight variations from box to box. Unless the products have significant damage or the product is deemed dysfunctional due to irregularity we do not provide a refund on this product. Collectors can apply for an exchange of goods through sales and returns at

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